BLAM was built on Guy Bonneville’s experience and passion. At the end of 2013, Guy created his business Bonneville Laboratory And More’ aka BLAM to allow him to freely express all his expertise and know-how, and realise his vision of the unique sound he defines as the "French Sound”.


Every day,  guided by their passion ( following the BLAM motto of “Driven by passion”), Guy and his staff conceive, create and manufacture a range of quality audio products.


The concept of “French Sound” is the result of combining an audiophile perspective with technology and sensations. High-fidelity came into being in 1968 at the close of France’s cultural upheaval.


In its early form, the production of acoustic loudspeakers followed the specific cultural influences of each different country.


The French valued vocals and the emotions it created, rather than melody. And today, although the way we listen to music has changed, BLAM remains faithful to its roots.

The “French Sound” is the promise of a natural sound; its principal focus on the medium frequencies reproduces a fine, wide and warm sound.